Fear is a Fraud (Angst)

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The acronym for fear is:

F ALSE (vals)
E VIDENCE (‘bewijs’)
A PPEARING (dat net)
R EAL (echt lijkt)

Breakdown of time and energy people spend worrying
and fretting about the various fear scenarios:

Things that will never happen – 40%.
Experiences that might repeat in the future – 30%.
Needless concerns about one’s health – 12%.
Petty and miscellaneous cares – 10%.
Real and legitimate fear – 8%.

Of that 8% ‘real and legitimate fears’:

4% concerns things we cannot influence.
2% can be eliminated by taking positive steps.
2% we should be concerned with taking steps and address in prayer!

Conclusion: the rest (98%) must be dismissed according to the Word of God !

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